Vision Smart Technology


License Plate Recognition

LPRLicense plate number is one of the most suitable pieces of information available for recognizing a vehicle’s identity. A license plate recognition system (LPR) is a completely automated system that can extract passing vehicles’ license plate numbers through utilizing image processing techniques. In order to use this system, there is no need to equip vehicles with additional devices (such as GPS, RFID tags, etc). An LPR system uses special cameras to capture an image of a passing vehicle, and then transfers the image to sophisticated software for processing. These systems have a wide range of applications in traffic control and security management fields.

Vehicle Speed Detection

VSDThe advance of technology can provide better solutions to the increasingly difficult problems of road traffic. Excessive speed is the major cause of road accidents worldwide. In order to combat traffic offences and reduce the huge number of live lost, Police Forces have been provided for many years with vehicle speed detection systems.

A vehicle speed detection system is commonly used for detecting the speed of passing vehicles and saves an evidence file for a vehicle which speeds up. We have lots of speed detectors based on different technologies, but with the increasing power of processors the image processing based solution is the best solution from quality point of view.

Quality Grading Systems

We create and integrate machine vision solutions in the assembly lines of our customers to automate production and quality assurance. Our engineers provide responsible, targeted and prompt customer service and support for every project stage, from initial concepts via feasibility studies to final implementation. We provide integration services to implement vision systems in automated manufacturing environments.